Bart Dalton: “COVID19 - How can my small business adapt?”

Bart Dalton

We welcomed a phone interview with Bart Dalton last week where we spoke about adaptation techniques, planning & development and the worldwide crisis of COVID19. Bart Dalton helps companies prepare for the next level whether that's; Sales, Bringing new partners in, getting investment or generally just making more profit -

“As big as it seems now, in the history of society this will still be a blip!”

What adaptation techniques are there for freelancers and small businesses during this period?

“Everyone has a captive audience right now. So everybody needs to make themselves a little bit different and figure out where people are going to need to come out of this stronger! So if somebody is in the music industry, or the digital industry, who’s going to need your goods or your services in ⅔ months but they don’t even know that they need it. You need to position it in their brains right now when they’re just trying to figure out if they're laying somebody off or if they're going to be able to pay rent etc. You’ve got to cut through the noise in their head but you have to do that by telling a story and not selling the story. Because right now everybody knows everybody is desperate. You’ve got to look like you're providing a solution and not just flogging your goods. When strong businesses come out of this; they've got something that is different. They have to be able to put something forward. This isn’t a blanket attack on everybody. I don't call it the shotgun approach, I call it a rifle approach. This is pinpointed approaches to specific industries to specific companies with a specific item that you've created in your brain that you’re now going to market to people.”

How to utilise your current model to generate income / awareness during this period?

“I think that you've got to figure out during this period what's making your money and who's going to buy from you. What are you going to MAKE MONEY FROM, SAVE MONEY ON. Right now people are worried about paying bills or making money. You've got to figure out how you can help them in whatever you do. What's the way somebody can be assisted to move themselves forward or to save themselves money?”

Planning techniques and how to remain calm during this situation?

“ Make sure the planning stays simple and knowing what the goal is, it has to be specific. 3 new companies on-boarded by X or it has to be 2 new products to sell into the Y market by Z. It has to be a specific thing to work towards. Don’t try to do everything to make money, just the stuff you can knock over really fast that's going to make the most impact that you spend your time on.”

How to become resilient and mitigate further risk?

“This is a time when people are able to look at all their expenses and figure out what things they’ve been doing that are either wasting their time or resources. How to become resilient is by cutting back and making sure the stuff we're doing with our business, family or sanity are very focused. This is a time everything can just meander, the big thing is you can not be focused all the time. People have to remember that if you’re a sprinter you’re not a marathoner you can't go out on day one and sprint for a km and if you're a sprinter you can't start running 26 miles. It's just not possible. We will come out of this. The economy will come out of this. People will be bored out of their minds so they will want to spend money to make themselves feel good again alongside making sure the nation and the world as a whole repairs itself. As big as it seems now in the history of society this will still be a blip.”

“This is why distractions are a good thing. Playing music, video games, exercise whatever it is to take your focus away briefly.”

3 Key takeawys;

  • 1. Talking to your network.
  • 2. Giving advice & finding information and distributing this.
  • 3.Planning what your business will look like in 3 years not 3 months.

To summarise COVID19 has shocked not only businesses but the world itself. Staying at home is paramount, look out for one another, be supportive of one another and share your findings (check the source before). Together we’re stronger and will get through this!

Subtle Speaks // Bart Dalton